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The Sarah’s Circle community center is a safe space for seniors to spend their days participating in group programs, socializing with friends new and old, and working with our staff to address the challenges they may be facing toward continued self-sufficiency. Our day program provides a respite from loneliness or boredom for hundreds of local seniors.

Safety & Security

We strive whenever possible to bring experts in the field to present on a variety of critical life-saving topics including what to do in a medical emergency, fire safety and prevention, fall prevention, and many others. Ultimately, our goal is to support our seniors as they age in place, ensuring that their security is paramount.

Skills & Technology

Our new building includes a dedicated computer lab as well as periodic assistance and instruction in computer, smart phone/tablet, and other technologies. We also strive to provide our seniors with seminars on financial literacy; how to access available resources and benefits; and elder abuse prevention, how to spot warning signs, and where to go for help.

Social & Games

Our seniors love playing games and participating in group events, especially when volunteers lead the activity. Some of our residents are chess aficionados while others prefer the fast pace of bingo. We also rotate action-oriented activities like bean bag toss and music and dancing with lower-key activities like trivia and card and board games to challenge our seniors physically and mentally.

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