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Meet Sarah's Circle Resident, Valerie Mobley

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

My name is Valerie Mobley, a resident of Sarah’s Circle since December 2018. I grew up a “military brat,” travelling as a family of eight throughout the United States and abroad. After my dad’s retirement, I spent a few years in his hometown of Washington, DC. In my young adult years, I was a single mom in San Francisco, CA, raising my son and working as a legal assistant and in the nonprofit industry. My return to DC later in life was a personal and difficult decision. I retired from my long and successful career and became yet another statistic: a senior living on a very fixed income just trying to make ends meet.

In 2018, I learned about Sarah’s Circle, applied for housing, and moved into my newly renovated apartment on December 1st of that year. Sarah’s Circle has given me a renewed quality of life that makes this journey through my senior years so much easier.

I have so many favorite things about living at Sarah’s Circle as moving here was a bright new beginning for me. We have excellent access to public bus and metro transportation as well as grocery stores. The building is well constructed with great soundproofing, and the noise level is almost nonexistent. I appreciate the comfort of my home and really had fun decorating. I also have the added luxury of a large deck for gardening, which brought the outdoors into my living space California-style. I also enjoy the community activities and special parties throughout the year for residents.

Sarah’s Circle prioritizes its mission to provide peaceful, community-driven, affordable housing for a diverse group of special seniors. We come from all parts of life; they respect our past and care about our future. Sarah’s Circle is proactive toward our well-being, particularly during the difficult, uncertain times of the present Covid-29 virus. I feel lucky to live at Sarah’s Circle and I look forward to the day when we can safely reopen our community room and share meals, activities, and special events together.

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